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Giant Leap​ (2015)

Written by Mickey Down & Konrad Kay and starring Tom Stade and Phil Nichol, Giant Leap is a darkly comic play about the moon landing conspiracy theory. Directed by Alex Lass, the play showed at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh Fringe in the summer of 2015. The score comprises several musical interludes which weave together sound extracts from the times including JFK's famous moon landing speech with musical accompaniment as well as beds of sound which were triggered during the performances to underscore key moments in the play. Giant Leap was reviewed by TimeOut here.



Storm In The Palace


Sex Ed



Waking David

Who Do You

Think You Are


Bye Bye Baby

The Orgy

Pregnant Pause

Deep Blue

The Road to Siberia

Giant Leap

Safiyah Flies

Across The Ocean




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